How Many People Have AIDS Because Of Religion?

Can you believe that in this day and age that there are major figure heads preaching for the mass population to not use safe sex to prevent from getting deadly diseases like HIV/AIDS, syphillis and all the minor STDs (gonnareah, HPV, herpes, etc)? Even in the days where over population is a problem, these well respected (and obviously uneducated) people still tell us not to use condoms to prevent pregnacies! Think I am lying? Go ask the Catholics, their very own Pope at the Vatican is responsible for millions of deaths every year.

What can be done to end this insanity? NOTHING, Catholics are right and the rest of the World is wrong apparently...

Yes, this is my most contriversial posting ever, but I am getting sick and tired just sitting by and watching this tradegy continue. It is time the Catolics change their rule book (bible or whatever) a bit to suit modern times! I do not hate religion, but I sure hate watching people die and getting infected when they could have avoided it, but many people are afraid to use condoms because the Pope says it's evil and a sin, well I think people should be more afraid of not using condoms these days!

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POZ Rumors - Even HIV+ Hate Me (I Have AIDS)

I (DaveyBoy) get many people bash me. I am not sure why, I have spent thousands of hours programming millions of lines of code to create several helpful humanitarian HIV/AIDS websites that help over 1,000,000 unique visitors a year! My sites are free to use and thousands of members find relationships and friendships through my freebie POZ services! I have sunk thousands of dollars into these projects over the years, it even costs me $200 a month to keep everything running smooth!

Few of my popular sites (I have about a dozen total):


I get accused of being rich and using POz people (I do have donate buttons for my site, but my sites are not just targeting POZ people), I get called a gay basher and homophobic because I own www.HeteroPOZ.com (so many gay sites like GayPOZ.com already, hardly any sites for HIV+ heterosexuals so I designed one to target heteros, but no where do I bash gays, I have areas on my sites for homosexuals too), it's been told that I am dead and it is just my wife pretending to be me and many more.

It's funny, the more good I try to do, the more hassels I must encounter! Another thing I find facinating is that these same people every year around spring time start trouble with me and get their members brain washed with lies and send them to attack me too. Amazing that the owners of the site are so obsessed with me and just cannot get over me, maybe I am just too cute for my own good?

I enjoy the popularity, even bad promotion is good promotion in my eyes. Least I am remembered! Plus, I am so happy with my new son and family that no one can bring me off my cloud nine, live is just oo perfect...

If you know any other rumors going around about me, please post them here so I can get a good laugh for the day...

Looking For HIV+ People To Join Our HIV Chat

HIV/AIDS chat support for DUMMIES

I have started a HIV chat room for support with other HIV positive people on www.HIV-AIDS-Chat.com, even I rely on this live chatroom for AIDS support. I run my own private chat server to best moderate privacy and maintain the rules. Hope to see you soon ;)

I hope to make many new POZ friends! We already have a good group of HIV positive people who chat regularly (we are like a small family, a tight knit community who looks out for each other), but we are all hoping to meet some new faces :)

Our full chatroom list (HIV affected chat channel, HIVchat, HIV negative, etc) is on www.13km.com. All chatrooms (except for the unmonitored room where anything goes) are monitored for bashers, AIDS dissidents, scam artisits, sapmmers and those looking to hurt our feelings! You can find the rules on www.13km.com/rules.htm (they are a bit strict, but it works best for the majority of POZ peeps who drop in, please do not disobey any rules if you do not want to be kicked or banned by an moderator).

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Not Telling I'm HIV+ Makes Me Feel bad

Now that I have a child, I have to hide the fact that I am poz in the community I live in. Hiding this fact from people that I have AIDS makes me feel like I am always hiding something when I go out into the public's world. I feel ashamed and cannot look people in the eyes as I am hiding something.

Before I got married and all that "jazz", I used to tell everyone that I had HIV. I felt open and never felt ashamed then.

Join in our HIV/AIDS support chatroom where we can discuss our being HIV positive opening without shame on http://www.HIV-AIDS-Chat.com (see you there, if you do not have HIV but wish to talk about HIV, go HERE for alternate rooms).


The HIV/AIDS Network 1998-2004

I (DaveyBoy http://POZ.ca/DaveyBoy/ for more info) have been HIV positive for many years. I needed a way to share my feelings with others so I set out on a quest to create a POZ social network (plus some educational stuff for those who are not HIV+) on my own without sponsorship or funding (money is needed for AIDS cure research, not websites).

I created http://www.13km.com  for all people (HIV- or HIV+, designated room list) to be able to chat live with other people regarding issues of HIV and AIDS. The main chat room is #HIV-AIDS (URL irc://13km.com/hiv-aids/ for mIRC) and is set up for HIV+ and AIDS people only as us HIV+ have separate issues from HIV negatives seeking testing information (#HIVaffected is a room for POZ and negative to interact with each other). There are rooms for each POZ sexual preference, or welcomed to the main mixed room where you will not find discrimination or bashing. These rooms are monitored by me and other chat members help out with this chore.

I created http://www.HIVdate.com  (for HIV+ only) so others could find romances as many POZ are lonely and feel they cannot find love again because they are HIV+. It's free to post a basic ad and free to reply to others ads, great way to meet someone near you (been half a dozen marriages and many LTR same sex relationships). Almost 5,000 POZ members on this site!

I created http://www.HIVforum.com for people to ask questions (web blogs) about HIV and AIDS (my girlfriend is a RN, she helps out) or to share ideas about medications (personal experiences or life stories). Forums get monitored for inappropriate material daily!

I created http://www.HIVsearch.com (search engine containing only trusted HIV/AIDS information from decent AIDS websites) for people (anyone) to find relevant information to what they need. I found so many sites on the big search engines (with search for HIV/AIDS) that were fake cures, AIDS dissidents (AIDS denialists), porn related or some paid STD (Herpes the main theme) dating sites so I decided that I would create a search portal where I could control the links and delete this unneeded crap! HIVsearch.com alone has over 10,000 direct links and portals you out to about a million other pages on the major search engines (that I cannot control)! I got a few complaints that people didn't even know what they wanted to search for, so I created http://www.HIVAIDSsearch.com that is set up in a directory structure so you may pick a topic close to your interests (this search tool has less sites than HIVsearch.com).

I created http://www.HIV-AIDS-POZ.com as a "funner" POZ site. I have posted some links to my digital art and some Flash animations I made. Check out my web banner campaign (I made the slogans and graphics)!


Well thanks for taking the time to read about what I have done for the POZ community! Hope to see you soon!

Thanks, http://hiv-aids-poz.com/DaveyBoy/ (DaveyBoy).

HIV/AIDS Network:

**BEWARE OF http://www.aids-dissidents.tk.tk!

http://www.POZitiveLiving.com (formerly known as www.HIVdate.com)is for HIV positive individuals to get free HIV/AIDS dating or pen pal personals (free sign up, free to reply, free to search, free to edit), over 5,000 ads already posted from HIV positive individuals like you. This site only has free personal ads for those who are either HIV positive or have reached AIDS status (unlike other expensive $20+/month STD dating sites that mix up herpes and other STDs, people with herpes do not want to date people with HIV).

http://www.HIVsearch.com is the HIV/AIDS search engine of POZ links only.

http://www.HIVforum.com is the online HIV/AIDS message boards where anyone can post a question and get an answer.

http://www.13km.com is the live HIV/AIDS chat network where you can choose chatrooms ranging from HIV+ only (those infected with virus) to those who are just affected, almost 1,000 members on at various times of the day. Discover hope and acceptance!

http://www.HIVAIDSsearch.com is the HIV/AIDS directory and POZ portal.